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Rise of Web Design in Kenya

The Rise of Web Design in Kenya

Web Design in Kenya

Web Design is a booming business in Kenya. There are many reasons behind this. The installation of the high speed fiber optic cable has led to affordable internet access for many Kenyans. We have a population of more than 45Million and according to some statistics there are about 21 Million internet users in Kenya. That means almost 50% of the population. There are also more than 2 Million Facebook users in Kenya. This has obviously led to many businesses wanting to have a website.

With such a high penetration rate it comes as no surprise that Businesses all over the country are working to get their fare share of exposure on the internet. With the economy booming and foreign investors flocking in, there lies a big opportunity for Kenyan Web Designers. Currently we are in sort of a transition period with more traditional methods of advertising being over taken by online methods. I really have no statistics to support this. But in all logical sense just take a look at the number of businesses that; have a website, the few that have resorted to newspaper ads, the fewer to billboards, even fewer to TV and Radio. I would really be interested in seeing comparative revenue generations from traditional channels and online channels. You see TV is expensive but has very few advertisers, online advertisement channels are affordable to all hence the many users.

Another problem with traditional channels is the lack of targeting. Let me explain. Have you seen the huge billboards on Uhuru Highway selling the 50" Flat screen TVs? The problem comes in when not everyone can afford one, yet they see the advert. Wouldn't the advertiser of the TV be happier if he could find a way of only advertising to the people who can actually afford it? This is where a Website or a Facebook page would be more than handy. You see with online channels it is much easier to target your customers. I am not saying that traditional channels are useless. I simply believe with online channels such as websites it’s easier to target the right market.

As many businesses come to realise the value of websites, the opportunity for web design companies in Kenya keeps rising. There are numerous number of companies offering Web Design in Kenya. With a wide range of services being offered ranging from simple designs to complex database applications. Some have even decided to speacialise and focus on just one or two areas such as SEO.

The bulk of Kenyan websites seem to be done in Joomla and Wordpress. Might even be because of the pure ease of using a CMS. You see even clients with basic computer knowledge can easily update their websites from a CMS without requiring any coding skills. It also makes the designers work easy. Some companies however seem to be offering maintenance and update services as part of their design packages, which again is not a bad thing at all. Sometimes it’s better to outsource the maintenance and updating tasks.

We, I Web Designs offer a unique range of services, including design, development, and maintenance of beautiful and high quality websites using the latest web development tools and techniques such as contentment management systems or traditional development tools such as HTML5, CSS3 and PHP.