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How to Make Your Smartphone Smarter

How to Make Your Smartphone Smarter

When using the smartphone, it's not a bad idea to take advantage of all the features and apps available to you to make your life a little bit easier. So here we would like to present some methods to help you to make most of your smartphone. We will share the top 10 gadgets which will make your smartphone more better and smarter. So are you ready to know the list?

Top 10 Gadgets to Make Your Smartphone More Smarter

#1 Swyp

Swyp is an android gadget which can turn your original credit card into a digital one. After turning it to digital format you don’t need to carry the physical card in case you are making a purchase from a retailer which accepts NFC payments. After adopting this gadget all you need is to just swipe a finger in the print reader.

#2 SkyLight

If you are a student or a person who generally uses a microscope on a daily basis, then you must look at SkyLight. This device is actually a smartphone adapter which can connect to any type of microscope. This will give the microscope a digital upgrade.It is using thesmartphone’s rear camera to perform

#3 Smart Baby Monitor

Smart Baby Monitor is a new age monitoring device. This device can be useful in case you need to leave your baby alone for sometime or your baby has to take a nap and you need to go make some food. This gadget sends you live audio and video on your Android or iOS devices. That’s not it either - it can measure the level of humidity, temperature, noise etc. around your baby.

#4 Romo

If you want your child to become more interested in programming or robotics, then there is no better option other than Romo. It is actually a small size robot which is especially made for kids. It helps your kids to learn programing and robotics more effectively. Romo is a iOS powered device.

#5 Petcube

As name clears it is a gadget which is specially made for pet owners. If you want to keep tabs on your pet, then this is for you. You can watch and monitor all your pet activities direct on your Android or iOS device.

#6 Samsung Gear Fit

You've probably never heard of this one before. Well this is a one of the best fitness trackers available in the market. If you love running then this is specially for you. This will work the same if you are doing cycling or at the gym. It also acts like a smartwatch which makes Samsung Gear Fit a fitness tracker cum smart watch. It has responsive color display to show your progress along with notifications and calls

#7 Lockitron Bolt

This is one of the best safety gadgets available on the market. Lockitron Bolt lets your lock and unlock doors, windows, etc. direct from your smartphone device. It also comes with a WiFi model which lets your control locks via remote access

#8 Hone

Hone is compatible with your Apple iPhone device, and it helps you whenever in case you lose your car key. If you think it is a bulky gadget then you are wrong. The weight of this gadget is half an ounce and the best thing about it, is its' battery lasts six months.

#9 Geo Tracker

Geo Tracker is a multipurpose gadget. You can use this gadget to track your car, child or even your pet. Just use this device and track all your records of your belongings.

#10 iCarConnect –The Smartphone Car Stereo

Going to purchase a new car stereo? Well before buying I recommend you to check Dash. It helps you to turn your iOS device into a car stereo. It is very easy and simple to use.

I hope these tips help you and gives you ideas on how to make your smartphone better. If you have some other gadgets to share that I missed here, then feel free to share your gadget in the below comments. If you find this article helpful then feel free to share it to all looking to make their smart phone smarter.