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Choosing a Web Host in Kenya

Choosing a Web Host in Kenya


A Comprehensive Beginner Guide To Choosing A Web Host

Choosing a web host for your website is a crucial undertaking. Web hosting is precisely a place where you will store your website. In other words, it is a place where you keep computer files for instance videos, documents, images as well as HTML among others. There are companies that rent out computer or servers to enable you store your website plus they offer internet connection giving access of files on your website to other computers. Such a company is known as “web host”

Choosing a good host means that the visitors of your website will never find the site offline. A bad web host is known to affect your search rankings negatively. Not to mention that it will waste much of your money and eventually make a negative impact on your online authority. To determine whether a web host is reliable or not, there are things you ought to look for when searching for a reliable host.

Basics of choosing a suitable web host

 Access to FTP  Access speed and reliability  Bandwidth allotment  Technical support  Disc space  SSL set-up

What do I need to know about Access to FTP?

FTP is a prominent method that individuals depend on, when transferring their WebPages as well as other files from their personal computers to the computer of the web host in order for it to be viewed by persons from all parts of the globe. FTP access otherwise known as permission to upload your pages through the email or the browser is quite essential. As a matter of fact, FTP access should be compulsory expect for the sites that are less important.

How About Access speed and reliability

This is quite crucial since a site that is down frequently will lose a number of visitors. For instance if a visitor locates your site in the search engine ,then try to access it only to find that it is very low, they will immediately click another site. Not forgetting that slow access can be quite annoying to the visitors and you as well especially when uploading your site. To determine the speed of the host, you can test them through emailing during peak and off peak hours, in case you cannot get any feedback from people in the shortest time possible then that is not the best webhost.

What is Bandwidth Allotment?

Some web hosts limit the amount of traffic which can be used by your website on daily or monthly basis. That is an implication that incase the page on your site attracts a high number of customers beyond a particular number of times each day or each month, the webhost deactivates your website or rather you can be sent a bill. However, it is not possible to advise you on specific amount of bandwidth because it all depends on certain factors for instance your site design, the target audience plus the number of visitors attracted to your site.

As a matter of fact, 100MB traffic in a period of one month is very little for anything substantial apart from your personal homepage. In addition, 1-3GB traffic every month is enough for a beginning site. All in all, remember to watch out for webhost who offer “unlimited bandwidth”. That is just a scam to get you off guard. If you fall for it, very soon you will learn it the hard way when an extraordinary bill come knocking your way for having spent more than the “unlimited bandwidth”

What amount of Disk space do I need?

You should be aware of “unlimited disk space” schemes. Multiple new sites particularly those that do not host music or videos require a web space of 20MB or even less. In that case, avoid hosts that trick you with 100GB since you may not require all that space. On the other hand, watch out for hosts that offer less space. Never allow extra large spaces for instance 100GB blind you when comparing hosts. Instead your driving force should be selecting a webhost that suits your needs the best.

Go for web host offering fulltime Technical support

The best web host should be in a position to provide technical support 24/7 the whole year. Web host whose staff do not operate on weekend or during the holidays are so inconveniencing. However, don’t fall for a host just because they are advertising for 24/7 technical support. You can try them by sending them an email during the odd hours for instance midnight or during the weekends. If the response is delayed then you will have discovered their trick. Eventually, you will have known their level of competence too after all no one want to commit themselves on a host who don’t know how to solve problems

Check whether the webhost Allows Secure Server SSL set-up

If your plan is to sell goods and services via your website, then select a website that allows you to set up a secure serve SSL.

Finally, don’t just select a webhost without caring whether it is ideal for you. Your website means everything to you. In that case, just settle for a reliable web hosting in Kenya.